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What a debut - 90%

morbert, May 25th, 2007

I read somewhere this album was underrated? I wonder why. I've never met a metalhead who didn't like this album. That's saying a lot isn't it. A lot has already written about this album here on Metal Archives, but I want to have my go as well. 'Killing is my Business...and Business Is Good' is definately in the top 3 of best Megadeth albums ever.

Everyone knows the story. This Megadeth debut offers more technical riffs and better drumming than 'Kill'em All' did. Personally I prefer the somewhat slower 'Four Horsemen' over 'Mechanix' due to the vocals, dynamics and the middle section of the song. Apart from that Megadeth present some superior riffs on their debut compared to Metallica being fairly straightforward on their debut. The riffs on 'Love You To Death', the uptempo part of the titletrack and 'Rattlehead' are nothing less than mindblowing.

I consider the most diverse songs to be the best here. With diverse I mean the tracks that fluently change pace, being 'Love You To Death', 'Rattlehead' and 'Killing Is My Business'. The uptempo material really reigns supreme. Not that I dislike all his midtempo material of course but on ‘Killing is my business’ the songs are more effective when the pace is increased. 'Chosen Ones' is far from impressive and on 'Looking Down The Cross' the main midtempo riff in the verse could have come straight from one of the first three Ozzy Osbourne solo-albums. The material here is mostly speedmetal with some hints to thrash metal.

Simply outstanding. Mustaine and Poland bring the riffs and solos with such precision. Every single note can be made out. Samuelson is an excellent drummer. Can't say anything more. This is some perfect work here. Ellefson is adquate here but not as outstanding as he would prove to be an later albums. Mustaine's vocals are adequate as well.

The production is thin and clear. This helps bringing definition to the material. Though it's not heavy it certainly does the trick. The albumcover is of course pretty lame and one of the worst in Megadeth history.

Great start. One of their best albums ever together with 'Peace Sells' and 'Rust in Peace'.