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Megadeth's Debut KILL'S! - 92%

Demon_of_the_Fall, May 21st, 2003

Originally released in 1985 Killing is my business...and Business is Good! was praised by the metal world although there were some flaws on the album. For one the Production of the album, and as a second note the albums artwork was cheesy as all hell. They had a pickle on the cover of it for chistsakes. Now what we have here 17 years later is an excellent Remastered Version with new cover art. Being a HUGE Megadeth fan I bought this the day it came out even though I had the original. I was wondering how much better it sounded because it is still one of my Favourite albums of all time. I popped the fucker in my car stereo and let it blast out the enterity of Last Rites/Loved to Deth, and was blown away by how much it sounded better. Everything that wasn't so clean on the original was spiced up and turned up into full frontal clarity. The drums and Vocals were especially spiced up in the mix because you can actually hear what Gar Samuelson was playing. I can now say with full enthusiam that Gar was one of the best drummers ever from hearing this remaster. Seeing as i couldn't hear most of what he was playing before. Dave's Vocals sound much better and clean as well, which is an added bonus, because at times before it was either hard to hear his vocals or to loud in some parts. Now i shall stop comparing Remaster/and Original. Too the music now I shall turn. This is one of Metal's finest gems here, as this Thrashterpeice delivered what everyone wanted. All the songs are awesome in their own aspect.

Last Rites/Loved to Deth: Last Rites starts us off on a Journeyful piano intro that doesn't last to long until we are blasted in the face with the first metal offering from Deth. Loved to Deth come with a sweet as guitar lick that sends the band into high speed. The Riffs are blazing and the song is relentless with power in ever instrument. The Lyrics of this song are simply stated boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl doesn't love boy, boy kills girl so no one else can have her. The song is one of the best Deth songs.

Killing is My Business...And Business is Good!: Another great track from the mighty deth. Mid paced song with a killer first riff that will get your head a banging. When the Vocals come in chanting " I am a Sniper, always hits the mark, Paid Assassin working after dark" you feel very urged to yell the vocals at the top of your lungs. This is a highly infectious track that never gets boring. The song was written about the comic "The Punisher" for more details read the Lyric booklet. I love the double bass by Gar near the end of the track as well, fucking pounding at your...

Skull Beneath The Skin: Has a wierd as fuck guitar intro, and then the song rolling. The song has a killer first solo, with a faced thrashy riff, that rips. The Lyrics are some of the best I ever heard by any band in this song. I can help but read the Lyrics to every song on this album. This song is very good although I can't say it's the best on the album because it's not as memorable, but It still rates up their with the best.

Rattlehead: WELL HERE I COME. This is one of Megadeth's fastest trashiest songs ever. I fucking love this song, and this is by far one of Megadeth's most underated works ever. The guitars, bass, and drums are blazing full speed ahead on this one. Vocals like "It's time for Snapping some Necks, Slashing, thrashing to Megadeth" One of the albums highlights forsure. The solo at the end of the song simply owns!

Chosen Ones: Oh man here is one of my Personal favourite songs by Megadeth. What a killer riff at the start, how can you get any better than this. hahaha also on a humerous note this song was written about Monty Python's (English Humor) The Holy Grial on the Rabbit that devours everyone in the cave of death. Fucking classic song here.

Looking Down the Cross: Holy shit another Classic Deth song that has to be mentioned. How can I start with this song? This is the one song that sounds like it shouldn't be on this album, and by the title you should surely know what your in for. Read the lyrics, im sure you'll understand and if you don't get the remastered and It gives you a description of what each song was about. Looking Down the Cross is very likable, and one of the best.

Mechanix: Is what Dave wrote in Metallica. This is a faster Version of "The Four Horsemen" from his previous band Tallica. Although Metallica added a different riff in their version and new lyrics it's still nothing like this. Mechanix is much faster than Horsemen, and delivers different lyrics. The intro is also changed which gives the song more diversity. Then comes one of the best riffs of all time. You probably all know about this song by now either that or the Tallica song. I highly recomend this track as it just rips.

These Boots: This is a cover of Lee Hazelwood's song These Boot's Were Made for walking.The only problem I hear on this is that some vocals had to be beeped out because Lee didn't want Megadeth using her fucking lyrics. What a bitch, but besides that this is a cool track.

I won't bother mentioning the demo tracks. I've taken up enough room on here now so I'll bring my Remarks to a close. THIS ALBUM RULES!
Thrash Till Deth