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Wow, I thought this band was done! - 100%

The_Slayer666, June 5th, 2011

Simply put, this is Megadeth's best work since "Rust In Peace". The masters of speed & thrash metal are back and ready to strangle the senses with this offering. The only song that is not up to par with the rest of them is "The Hardest Part of Letting Go...Sealed With a Kiss", which is not a terrible song but could have been much better.

"Dialectic Chaos" is a 2 and a half minute long instrumental piece that kicks this album off with a bang and is even featured on the "NHL 11" soundtrack. 1 main riff dominates the beginning section of the song before Chris Broderick makes his first main appearance on this album with a killer solo. This song leads right into the next song, "This Day We Fight", which continues the carnage that was set by the previous song. The beginning starts right with Dave's vocals and a fast chugging riff. This song may be the best on the album in terms of speed and thrash and one section about 45 seconds in reminds me of "Last Rites/Loved to Deth" off of "Killing...". Following this song is "44 Minutes", a song which is not actually 44 minutes long. This song begins with a slow, sombre riff with police voice recordings at the beginning and the lyrics deal with the 1997 North Hollywood shootout. This song is much slower and melodic than its predecessor, but contains some great Chris Broderick guitar playing (constant on this album). It is much like a story told with Megadeth's music in the beginning, but is indeed one of the catchier tunes on this album. After this, we have "1,320", starting with a motorcycle sound and the intro riff that once again reminds me of "Last Rites..." and that riff is repeated for awhile before Mustaine's vocals kick in. This song is once again one of the better thrashers on this album. Great guitar work by Chris Broderick on this song (can't say that enough) and lyrically deals with cars and racing (similar to Mechanix). Both guitarists duke it out with solos around the 3 minute mark to end the song. "Bite the Hand" comes afterwords, beginning with a somewhat slow intro before exploding into thrash metal madness.

The only other two songs I will get into in full detail are "Head Crusher" and "The Right to Go Insane" so I don't end up repeating myself too much. "Head Crusher" was the first single released from this album and might be the best thrasher featured on it. It starts right away with Chris Broderick's leads and leads into absolute carnage and speed. This song sounds like it could have been on "Rust In Peace", especially the chugging riff during the chorus and the catchy rhythm section of this song. The riff around the two minute mark is reminiscent of Anthrax's "Madhouse" and is soon followed by a vocal breakdown similar to "Hook In Mouth" off of "So Far, So Good... So What?" and leads into one of, if not the best, Chris Broderick solos on this album. "The Right to Go Insane" contains a catchy chorus and beginning section and excellent vocal effects during the chorus. It is not one of the thrashers on this album and is far more melodic with a great main riff of this song.

Bottom line: this album is definitely worth purchasing and listening to. Megadeth is back and has finally released an album worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as "Rust In Peace".