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This day they fight... and they've won! - 93%

MystifyXD, March 30th, 2010

Megadeth is once again back with 12th opus, called "Endgame", and this time, they have proved that they are back in their shape as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, 80's thrash metal bands. Don't expect another "Rust In Peace" for you won't find it here. Anyway, on to the review...

Musicianship here is excellent. The riffs are heavy, the solos are mind blowing, the drums are always on rhythm (hey, it's thrash after all, so don't expect lightning-fast drumming here), and the vocals have drastically changed overtime, ever since their first album. Since the production are polished, the bass can't be heard well.

The first two songs reminds me of the "Into the Lungs of Hell" and "Set the World Afire" combo, although this one is much better. Those first two songs really made my head bang like hell, but all comes to a silence when "44 Minutes" starts. Although not necessarily a bad song, putting it next to "This Day We Fight" made the song look like a filler (not to mention it also destroyed the momentum of your headbanging). Alone, it is a good melodic metal song, but of course not excellent. "1320" and "Bite The Hand That Feeds" are more heavy metal-oriented than thrash metal, but nevertheless pleasing to our thrash metal ears. "Bodies" seems to be the only mediocre song here, while "Endgame" is part filler, part song (the intro is filler in itself). "The Hardest Part of Letting Go... Sealed With A Kiss" is one bizarre song out there, although I'm not saying it sucks. In fact, it's awesome, because nothing sounds like it in the album. It has a dramatic intro and outro, but the middle part is somewhat thrash mixed with some power metal epic-ness. "Head Crusher" is undeniably the heaviest track on the album. From the intro until it ends, you'll bang your head like there's no end. It's chorus is also catchy. "How The Story Ends" is also catchy, but slower, and its intro is also groovy. The last song is "The Right To Go Insane", which is melodic metal at its finest. Besides, it ends the album pretty well. What an epic ending.

Overall, a superior album from the thrash gods. If you think "United Abominations" didn't satisfy you, I'm sure this album will. This is worth your money. Snag if you like thrash!

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