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Pure fucking garbage - 23%

Zodijackyl, March 13th, 2012

I'll forgo the story behind this album because you already know it, and if you've already heard the story, you might as well not listen to the album. The four years between the "Deathcrush" EP and this don't appear to have been spent practicing. Black metal is rough, there's raw black metal, there's drunken Venom cover bands, and there's a horrible performance that makes Venom's "At War With Satan" sound like Rush's "2112".

The studio versions of the "DMDS" songs are quite charming, delightfully rough but excellent in their own right. The "Deathcrush" songs were crushingly sloppy in performace and tone. These renditions are the worst thing that could be made of otherwise good songs. There's nothing here that would match up to the more famous recordings - the only thing that's really different rather than purely half-assed is the vocals. Dead has a crunchy, throaty croon that's pretty intense but incredibly monotonous. The timing of his vocals is downright awful at points, intentional or not. He even acknowledges that the audience are unenthusiastic, asking them "are you dead?" before starting "Carnage".

The drumming is considerably looser than "DMDS". The timing isn't too bad, but the volume of the drumming is really inconsistent, even for a distortion-soaked recording. At points it's painful how much one weaker every other kick is. At some of the more intense parts, the drumming overpowers the bass, which isn't really doing much anyway. The guitar work is atrocious - if Euronymous truly had this little control over his hands, this recording is evidence that he couldn't have wielded a weapon in a manner that might make Varg Vikernes think his life was in danger.

The one redeeming track is "Pure Fucking Armageddon", which is considerably tighter and downright vicious. Dead introduces it by screaming to the crowd quite charismatically, and the band seems to have tweaked it a bit from the EP version, slowing down the first riff to give it a bit more clarity while letting the excessive distortion rip. This one track is unlike the rest of the recording, it is superior to the studio version and certainly worth listening to, just don't expect the rest to be like it.

If I didn't know otherwise, I'd guess this was a drunken, sloppy Mayhem cover band. I don't think I've heard a cover worse than the first eight of these nine tracks.