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My new favorite band. - 98%

megafury, July 16th, 2003

This is my favorite CD from this unique band. They have a special blend of death metal, emo, astral, avant-garde, jazz, progressive metal. They have lots of different instruments, like the trumpet and flutes, theres even some female vocals. Their songs could start out sounding mellow or jazz like then will drag you down into some heavy riffs and death metal growls.

Songs progress into different genres and sometimes you'll hear two different genres at the same time, such as in the first track, "Stones of October's Sobbing", a slow nice song at first that later turns into a death metal song with a hint of jazz in motion with the metal elements.

"Gleam in Ranks" is my favorite track off the whole album. Starts out smooth and ends with some pounding metal drums in the chorus. My other favorite song off this album is "Sleep is a Curse", there nothing metal here, it's just an acoustic guitar and good singing that later progresses with some violins, a very relaxing song.

Hard to compare this album with any other band, only band I could think of kind of similiar to this is Opeth but Maudlin of the Well is much more richer in diverse music genres. Sometimes when I'm listening to the album from start to finish, it amazes me a band doing some mellow song one minute starts coming up with some death metal the next then all of a sudden becomes some jazz band with trumpets.

This is an album anybody who appreciates music in general should enjoy and give credit to. You don't have to be exclusivley just a metalhead, emo kid, or adult contemporary fan, anyone who appreciates talent will gives props to this album.

The CD is also suppose to be a 2-disc album with their other CD, "Bath". When the two album are listened together, theres suppose to be some hidden message and at their mp3 site they have a secret untitled song that sums up the meaning or something.

Maudlin of the Well not only is good with blending genres of music but also at putting some meanings and relevance in their music, they are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. They changed their name to Kayo Dot though, so keep an eye out for any releases from Kayo Dot, these guys are underground music at its best.