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A Classic... - 90%

Danthrax_Nasty, May 18th, 2004

This album has 80's Glam written all over it. The vocals, the guitar's tone, the riffs...all aspects of this album are pure 80's rock n roll. Masi came all the way from Italy to California just so he could do work on this album (and the ones that follow) for Metal Blade with the band Wall Of Sound, I believe thats the correct name.

The package is pretty simple, and the cover for that matter, but it only stands as contrast to the greatness that awaits a spin on your record player. The lyrics arent exactly greatest, but hey they out do Slaughter, Poison, and most of the famous glam bands even if that isnt saying much.

This being the debut album by this Italian shredder, and it really is pretty damn good. Albums like this put the "metal" in glam. Hard hitting Rock 'n' Roll with an endless abundance of runs, leads, and solos. Bernie K. does some real great vocals on here, and even wrote some songs (Fire In The Rain, and Rock Your Soul). His voice maintains a fairly medium range, but does have some power behind it that help it to really stand out. Obviously the highlight is Alex Masi who combines a bluesy, classical, heavy metal, and straight out hard rock back ground to create one hell of a great album. He kinda has his own style, those familiar with his work would agree, and he uses lots arpegiated rythms very nicely, mixing harmonics, sweeps, pulls, and lots of other guitar techniques extremely well. To say this man is talented is an understatement. Another highlight is that Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot, WASP) appears on here for one song (Movements) which is an instrumental piece that really is very original, and one kickass boundless web of melody and technical ability wound up in one highly entertaining tune. Songs like Daybreak which are basically speed metal in some parts, and then go into a very up tempo hard rock sound (some what remniscent of Dokkens heavier work, but with more emphasis on speed and technical ability) are yet another reason this album is a classic.

Classical (sometimes bluesy) acoustic passages, insane technical ability, runs that never stop, solos that are original and fresh enough to put Mr. Malmsteen in his pompus place, heavy rythms that pound out 80's rockin metal, and overall a band that out does many other much more famous bands of the time (and even today) to a degree that is a damn shame more people arent familiar with this band/man.

There are many different songs on here that make this album great to hear many times over. There are the heavy ones (Day Break), the anthem ballads (Fire In The Rain), the heavy ballads (Fallen Agel), the classic 80's ones (I'm A Liar), and the odd ones (Movements). Yet another highly enjoyable Masi album, which in ways is very much in the same vein as the following album Downtown Dreamers. If you like 80's Glam Metal, and dont own any Masi, well go and get some of the best stuff that has been sadly overlooked by many.