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Mileage will vary. - 65%

Andromeda_Unchained, April 9th, 2012

This is the solo project of Hortus Animae, Martyr Lucifer. Featuring a load of seasoned musicians from acts as diverse as Nokturnal Mortum, Paradise Lost and At the Gates, the style here is a dark/gothic style of metal. The music delivered on this release is quite melodic, and the Goth style is very pronounced, I think fans of the likes of The Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim are going to find enjoyment here.

As for the more metal inclined (or strictly metal fans) think along the lines of acts such as Nightingale and Woods of Ypres, both of which I'm reminded of in spades across Farewell to Graveland. The music here is quite melodic, with the guitars largely sticking to melodies and arpeggiated chords with less in the way of actual riffs, there is also quite a bit in the way of clean channel which is very well done. The vocals take the low gothic approach common of Goth rock acts, also mixed in is a solid mid-range that makes me think Peaceville three.

The album feels quite long, but the music contained is well done, and hardly offensive. This is certainly going to be of interest to fans of the bands I've mentioned throughout this review, and for what it is this is pretty good. Although nowhere near the quality of acts such as Nightingale or Woods of Ypres, the album does the Goth rock vibes well, and at times there are bursts of metallic quality, which is cool. An interesting release, although boasting virtually nothing in the way of cross-over appeal. This is going to appeal to a select amount of people, however I'm sure those people will get a good level of mileage from Farewell to Graveland.

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