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World Funeral - 85%

Mourningrise, August 6th, 2003

This is Marduk's latest album and by all means it is great. It has to be their most brutal yet, with aggressive, fast guitars, and pounding bass, and new drummer Emil pounding out faster than hell blastbeats, this is so brutal! It opens with a movie clip, what I don't know, and then goes into With Satan and Victorious Weapons, a very brutal opener. The next song Bleached Bones is a mid tempo skull crusher. I love the guitar in this song, and the drums really stand out too. Song after song, this album really delivers. Legions vocals are the best they've ever been, and on Bleached Bones he actually almost SINGS! I'd say this album is a split between the brutalness of Heaven Shall Burn and the epic, atmospheric touch of Nightwing. Marduk really work together well and it really stands out here. I'm sure the crowd will eat these songs up at live shows. Now if only the government would give them their damn passports so they can tour America. Bloody wankers!