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Good album - 80%

MetalThunder, February 26th, 2004

Since their formation in the early 90s, Marduk have established themselves as one of the most renowned black metal outfits in the world. WORLD FUNERAL is their 8th full-length release, and it's as black as ever.

The theme of the album is, obviously, world destruction which is a touchy subject with the current situation in the world. The blasphemy is unleashed on the first track of the album, "With Satan And Victorious Weapons." As soon as the song starts, you can recognize the classic Marduk sound. The vocals are hard-hitting and the guitars are twisted. The next song on the album is slower, such as many of the songs on their last release, LA GRANDE DANSE MACABRE. I feel it would have been better placed near the end of the album, as it detracts from the blistering start of the first track.

WORLD FUNERAL is undoubtedly great black metal, but there are variations in there. As with LA GRANDE DANSE MACABRE, there are more mid-paced songs than present on their earlier releases. Legion also uses a wider vocal range on some songs instead of sticking to the usual black metal growls and screams. In my opinion, these variations make the album better overall.

WORLD FUNERAL is an excellent effort by Marduk, but unfortunately, it doesn't reach the same status as some of their previous releases. Still, a pretty decent album.