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World Funeral inspired by the Devil!!! - 100%

Dominus, March 22nd, 2005

Many people proclaimed "World Funeral" to be the 2003's best black metal album. It is a fantastic creation "inspired by the Devil", which if someone determines to be the best Marduk's release wouldn't be wrong. 11 great compositions filled with aggression, melody and funeral atmosphere, in which music and emotion interweave overwhelmingly. Dynamic with slow songs alternate, as the album is more technic from the previous creations of the Norrköping's four. It distinguishes with more dynamic guitar riffs and solos. The guitar player Morgan Hekansson says for himself: "I am not a big fan of solos, but after so many years of playing I learnt to do them!" What catches the listener's attention is the work of the new-coming Serbian drummer Eric Dragutinovic, who is doing very well as a replacement of Fredrik Andersson. The vocalist Legion and the bassist B. War also make impressing representation in their last album with the band. In spite of all changes the style is with preserved mark "Marduk"! With this album the band absolutely deserved can claim the throne of the Swedish black metal!