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Power Metal, anyone? - 85%

natrix, January 3rd, 2012

Well, it sure doesn't sound much like Venom. Loud keyboards, clean guitars, and nearly operative vocals? And where is the Satan?

No worries, we've just a different side of Mantas here. Knowing that he' s a big Judas Priest fan, it's no surprise that the majority of the tracks on here are quite driving. This could be a more commercial version of Defenders of the Faith, with very over blown, cheesy as hell keyobards. But goddamn, this is a fun album! It sounds totally dated, straight out of the eighties. Epic, 80's cheese in the best way possible!

I just love the melodic touches that Mantas only hinted at in certain Venom songs. He really is quite the consummate lead guitarist. He even pulls out the acoustic for a few moments.

Not surprising, when Mantas rejoined Venom for their most refined effort "Prime Evil," he brougth with himself a new professionalism and composed lead work. If you love anything that the men in Venom have done, then this is a mandatory listen, even if it is far from what you'd expect from Mantas.

WHOA....this is Mantas of Venom? - 79%

cronosmantas, April 1st, 2005

Being the huge Venom fan that I am, I had to buy guitarist Mantas's first solo album. Like any unsuspecting Venom fan, I was expecting something that sounded like...well...Venom, or at least Venomish. To my surprise, Winds of Change sounds NOTHING like Venom. It is melodic and keyboard filled. The keyboards are dramatically overblown and the some of the lyrics are damn right hokey.

Though I just dissed the album, some how I liked it. I liked the extremely dated overblown keyboards and I liked hokey lyrics. Call me crazy, but I can't explain it. I like the album yet it makes be bust out with laughter at the same time.

I read in an interview that Mantas took this approach because he wanted to prove he could play Melodic metal and prove he was a good guitar player. I have to agree that the album does showcase his talent to play melodically, but somehow I doubt most people will care

Well Venom fans like this? Unless they are are fucked up fans like me that somehow like anything the members pump out, I highly doubt it. This album owes more to Dokken than black metal Gods Venom.

This album makes a great conversation piece on any Venom fans shelf

It should also be noted that Mantas released another solo album in 2004. Though it is again released under the group name Mantas, it sounds TOTALLY Different than Winds of Change. People looking for hardcore metal are better off looking there instead....