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swords in the air folks - 75%

ironasinmaiden, December 24th, 2002

As much as I rag on Manowar, I can't help but love em.... nobody sounds like them... nobody has the balls to sound like them.... and they never fail to make lightweight, fun, music you can scream at the top of your lungs and play air guitar. After procuring Hail to England on cassette and digging the hell out of it despite myself, Warriors of the World is the next step in my exposure of Manowar.

As mentioned in other reviews, WotW is pretty much a ho hum affair... but it seems to have been the band's intention... why else would they toss in the american trilogy/nessum dorma shit? When Manowar want to kick ass they can do it better than anybody, and Call to Arms kicks... plenty... of ass. I couldn't help but laugh out loud during Fight to Be Free.... they aren't called the godfathers of cheese for nothin. I suppose a less self concious individual could find that inspiring... but come on man.

Warriors of the World is where the album really take a turn for the better. A total fist pumping anthem that will NOT relinquish it's hold on your memrory (WE'RE WARRIORS! WARRIORS OF THE WORLD!), this is the highlight of the album for me. The rest of the songs are more or less solid headbanging affairs with lame lyrics about killing and swords and stuff.

If you like Manowar you'll like this album. If Manowar is synomous with gay to you, you'll hate it.