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Warriors Of The World - 85%

Symphony_Of_Terror, November 12th, 2002

Six longs years I have been wating to hear some new Manowar material, and finally that opportunity has arrived. What do I think of when I think of Manowar? I think of music which is louder than hell, I think of exploding speakers, I think of screams, and most of all, I think of Manowar's signature brutallty. Not only is this what I think of Manowar when I think of the band, this is what I, and other Manowar fans have come to expect, Pure, Brutal, KickAss Manowar, this is what we want, we want Manowar no to just play music, we want the to kill "Other bands play music, Manowar Kills!". When I first put in Warriors of The World I was hit with some harsh and brutal Manowar, Call to Arms is a great opening track for Warriors of the World. A brutal Bassline, Drum beat, and riff, all given some attitude with Eric Adams Large and Loud vocals. This is one of those Manowar songs where you feel like going out and kicking some NU Metal and Rap ass after listening to it. After this song is an appropriatly placed ballad, which brings the listen down from the frist song. This is an excellent ballad which fills the listener with confidence that he or she can take over the world. Now, track three, Nessum Dorma, in my opinion has nio place on this album, its an opera track which showcases Eric's range of singing, and although it is a well done song, it is not what I want from Manowar, I want Manowar's Brutality, this is something which is certanly not delievered on this track, or for the nest 3, which range from a country song, to other soft ballads. I will skip to the highlisghts of this album, Warriors of the World, and Hand of Doom, these are quite possibly the two greatest Manowar songs of all time. Warriors of the World is the modern Hail and Kill. This song is pure atitude, this song is what Manowar is about, kicking ass. As well as for Hand of Doom, pure Manowar, pure blow your speakers music. From this point the album ends with two more great songs, more brutal Manowar. Now I would enjoy this album more, I listen to Manowar for inspiration, to get my insides filled with the power of metal, but when I put this cd in, such tracks as Nessum Dorma and An America Triology just don't cut if for me, Opera and Country don't give me strenght, Burtal Manowar songs do. For what this album is its great, for what it could of been its okay. I recomend it for the seasoned Manowar fan, not one who wished to get into the band and is unfamiliar with there works. On that not HAIL AND KILL!!!!!!!!!!