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the triumph of what? - 45%

anacrusis, August 3rd, 2003

"The Triumph of Steel" starts with a 28 minutes song which ranges from speed metal passages to the calm parts. You'll hear some classical elements too: a choir and an orchestra. Also, each instrumentalist of the band has a chance to play a solo on this track. It's just a display of virtuosity I think. The solos don't do anything for the song.
Honestly, there's nothing special on "The Triumph of Steel" except for the good production. Almost every track has a intro: horses running, dragons roaring and stuff like that. What's this for anyway? The intros are too long! Besides, they're useless just like the spoken parts on "Burning". On "The Power of Thy Sword", things get really really bad. The choir singing and the swords hitting remind me of a band that I hate: Rhapsody. It can't get any worst really.
The lyrics don't do anything for me. I hear the words "fight" and "spill blood" in almost every song. Simply annoying as hell.
Look, I'm getting tired of reviewing this album. "Master of the Wind" is actually the only track I fully enjoy. The rest bores me to death. If Manowar cutted out the useless parts of their music, they would do a big favor to mankind.