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Truly the Triumph of Steel - 96%

Koura, October 1st, 2003

I was shocked when I saw the average rating of this album and I thought "I have to write a review of this!"

I think this is Manowar's second best album, next to Kings of Metal. It has some great stuff in it. Everything in the band fits with each other so well that it's hard to believe. It seems like Eric Adams was born to sing in this band.

It seems like most people don't like Achilles Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts, and I can understand them, but I like the song. It's got so good parts in it that it would have been a shame if it hadn't been on the album. Hector Storms the Wall starts the album with power. Other good parts in it are Armor of the Gods (a drum solo), Death Hector's Reward (A fast and furious song) and The Glory of Achilles (another fast and heavy song). The other parts are not bad either. Funeral March is a slow part with only guitars in the beginning. It has a very heavy ending and it's one of my favourite moments of this album.

After the first 28 minute song comes Metal Warriors. I first heard this song when I was 5 years old and my brothers had the pleasure of hearing me singing it. It's only natural that I like it. It's got the metal-attitude ("Brothers of true metal, proud and standing tall!) and the lyrics are good.
Next is Ride the Dragon. It's one of those Manowar's faster songs. I don't like most of Manowar's fast songs but this one is quite good.
Spirit Horse of the Cherokee is great. The drums, vocals and the feeling in the song are all great. The heavy bass drum pounding in this song is one of my favourite things of the album.
Burning is a good song in it's own way, though it seems like many don't appreciate it. It's got some parts where there is only Adams speaking and some ambient sounds. I love the vocals on the song.
The Power of Thy Sword is great, fast and hard hero-metal. Great lyrics and great feeling. The silent part on it is a bit boring but after that comes "They will know the power of my sword!" and the great feeling is back.
The Demon's whip is my favourite song on this album. The first guitar riff is great and I love the lyrics. Later from the beginning the song gets faster and heavier. It ends with Adams screaming "Feel the demon's whip!" a couple of times (I love Adams' screams).
Master of the Wind is a slow song and not at all heavy, but it has good vocals and is a very beautiful song. Somehow it always gets me to a good mood.

Favourite parts: The screams in Power of Thy Sword "With blood in my voice I SCREAM AS YOU DIE!" and in Burning "Crawl to the silence!"
Worst part: I can't really decide but it's probably Hector's Final Hour in Achilles Agony and etc. It's not a bad part though. This album doesn't have bad parts.