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Missing Some Essentials - 94%

Symphony_Of_Terror, February 24th, 2003

This best of album is missing some esential tracks like Battle Hymns and Hail To England, two of Manowar's Best Songs. But aside from that Manowar picked great songs for this album, nothing that should not be one here really. I would have also liked to seen Heavy Metal Daze. With these three tracks added to it, or perhaps replaced Herz Aus Sthal, The Demon's Whip, and The Warrior's Prayer, this album would be perfect. Other than that a great compilation of Manowar Prior to 1994, I would buy it if you want a sample of what they have done or if you are trying to get into the band and not sure what sound they have, since they only released to mediocore full length albums since this compilation your no missing much.