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Great title track - 78%

UltraBoris, March 9th, 2003

Okay, so how the title track did not make it onto Warriors of the World is totally beyond me... this is a quality song - well, except for the really cheesy middle part which Manowar seems to force itself to do with just about every fast song nowadays.

Then, I Believe is a generally decent ballad - far above average for Manowar standards, but nonetheless merely average.

The final track is Call to Arms, which is on Warriors of the World as well. And this song kicks monstrous asses of numerous species - probably the greatest Manowar song ever done!

Is this worth getting? It's a single ... I'd just download Dawn of Battle and be happy at that, as Call to Arms is available elsewhere and I Believe is kinda expendable. Nonetheless, 2 great songs and one average one is a good thing.