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The songs that may had turned WOTW into a classic - 80%

Mnwr, February 28th, 2005

After blindly buying their last album "Warriors of the World" I was kind of disappointed with the band, and when they announced a new single with two new tracks I couldn't help but download it first in order not to buy another cheesy disc from my fave band.

Right after downloading it I was already wearing my leather jacket and leaving home with 10€ in my wallet that wouldn't come back with me.

THE SINGLE ACTUALLY KICKED MY ASS!!! Yes, it did it even through two crappy computer speakers. The opening theme "THE DAWN OF BATTLE" starts ripping with a long riff and some drums that are telling you "HELLO SIR! WE ARE MANOWAR AND WE CAME TO BLOW YOUR HEAD". And they do it all along the song, except for a small cool-down part in the middle which I don't like at all, but it's not enough to lower the score i give to this song.

"They are back, they are back.... " I was sort of mentally saying to myself when the second track arrived. "I BELIEVE" doesn't start with the savage drum pounding and killer riff as the first track does, instead it's a well done power ballad with strong lyric base and a catchy chorus. Cool enough and no violin/orchestra/crap in the whole song, that's what MANOWAR must play when it comes to slow songs!

Finally I met up with an old friend of mine, the opener track of WOTW (and IMHO one of the best themes) is closing the CD now. And it works as well as it worked as an opener track, pure mid-tempo Heavy Metal with a good facture is always welcome.

Overall: A ripping-off opener, a classy power ballad and a mid tempo epic theme were worth my money, specially considering that I won't find them elsewhere in the whole discography.