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Tall As A Mountain - 98%

Lord_Elden, November 4th, 2004

IMHO it's Manowar's best album. After this they also changed style from Epic Metal (Dark Avenger, Battle Hymn, Guyana etc., a large part of their songs were Epic Metal before the album Fighting The World) to Power Metal. I know they usually are just labelled either Heavy Metal or Power Metal, but one must be quite deaf if one doesn't notice how they changed style after this masterpiece.

All Men Play On Ten (4:01) is the opener. A mid paced ass-kicker that just begs for a sing-along to my wife's and neighbours' frustration... It's the weakest song on the album though.
Animals (3:34) is another kickass song, this one is slightly faster. A little better than the opener.
Thor (The Powerhead) (5:24) is a real Manowar anthem. Mid-paced except for the middle part where it gains speed. Eric Adams proves he's one of the best vocalists in the world (screaming for 32 seconds). A real highlight on this album and in their whole career.
Mountains (7:39) is the first epic ballad. A really slow masterpiece. One of the best ballads ever made. Just brilliant!
Sign Of The Hammer (4:19) is another highlight on the album. Another great anthem where great skill and talent is shown by the best band in the world.
The Oath (4:54) is the fastest song on the album. Superb guitarwork! Superb lyrics:
"Burning embers of the second death will come in the night
Priests and kings, the alpha and omega poison bites
False prophets and deceivers swing from the trees
Now dawn the age of bird drunk with blood like lepers with disease"
Thunderpick (3:32) is a very good bass solo, it also serves perfectly as an intro to the superb Guyana (Cult Of The Damned) (7:10). Brilliant, just brilliant. Epic. Perfect cooperation between guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Did I mention it's brilliant?

After the two first tracks that aren't really as good as the rest of the album (don't get me wrong, they are very good as well) the album delivers astounding epic heavy metal unmatched by any band including themselves. It's Manowar's finest hour and one of the best albums ever made. This is an album, that everyone who claims they like heavy metal, should own. Hell, everyone who likes music in general should have a copy of this epic masterpiece. DEATH TO FALSE METAL!