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Sign of the Hammer, it's my time! - 83%

CrystalMountain, March 10th, 2006

With Manowar you know what you're gonna get. There's ALWAYS going to be at least 1 or 2 truly great, fucking amazing songs. A handfull of really good songs, and a few songs that you could do without. This is a fact of life, so obviously Sign of the Hammer is no exception.

"All Men Play on Ten" is a great rocking song to kick off the album, insanely cheesey and a bit fluffy but still fun as hell and you can't help but sing along and bang your head. "Animals" is a pretty straight forward rocker, and could easily be a song from Battle Hymns, not bad at all.

Then we get to "Thor(The Powerhead)" now this is what I'm talking about, holy shit this song kicks so much ass it's scary. Certainly one of their best songs ever, some of their best lyrics as well. It's a true epic without being over-long and pretentious. Awesome use of falsetto when he screams "He held up his hammer hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!"

"Mountains" is another epic number, it's not as powerful or as catchy as Thor but it is certainly a decent song. The title track is classic, awesome fast verses and a catchy chorus, a really wild solo by the boss. Sounds great live.

"The Oath" is pretty balls out speed metal, I absolutely love that chorus "I've sworn the ooaaaaaaaath!" Another highlight for sure, I wish they would play it live more often...Or at all for that matter.

"Thunderpick" is the obligatory bass solo, you can take that for what it's worth. "Guyana(Cult of the Damned)" closes the album in good fasion, an extremely epic number. Some impressive singing by Adams at the start, and throughout the whole song really.