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Extremely well done - 90%

polishmetalhead, February 10th, 2005

Now I am a bit biased towards this particular album because it was the first Manowar I have ever heard, and I couldn't stop listening to it once I put it in my deck. Every aspect of this album is metal, even the ballads (which have become a sort of staple for the genre) blend into the album seemlessly. Return of the Warlord opens this album up with some solid beats and vocals that are really catchy, the essence of metal is woven through this. Some people have commented that Adams sounds like Halford at times, but since Halford is the God of Heavy Metal, it is really hard to find any metal album that doesn't have some Halford-esque vocal work. Next up is Brothers of Metal pt I, and it opens with a traditional metal scream and proceeds with some really cool vocals that any metal fan will appreciate. This is probably the best song on the entire album and it is awesome in every way. After that we run into The Gods Made Heavy Metal, a solid song that showcases the best things the band has to offer. Again the theme here is all metal and is very memorable, great beat and guitar work here as well. Then the first ballad of the song is found, Courage. Personally I love the ballads that are found on most metal albums today, it shows that these guys aren't all about screaming and headbanging and that they are real musicians at heart. The vocals here are really melodic and shows off Adams' talent as a singer. Off to the next song, Number 1, and back to the metal and headbanging portion of the album. Nothing especially innovative or special about this song, but it is all metal and a very solid addition to the album as a whole. Outlaw is next, and it opens with great guitar work and vocals yet again. And just as before, this is a great addition to the album, slightly different theme, leaning to the Old West and outlaws and such. Great song and well done by the band. Next song, another ballad, King, simply excellent. Adams' singing on this is extremely fluid, just an all around great ballad. It flows into the second part of the song, back to metal again, and Adams' ability to switch back from melodic to metal is showcased here. The rest of the song is pure metal with great riffs and singing. The next song, Today is a Good Day to Die, is an intrumental song that is soft and soothing. Not extremely special, but a nice break in the allbum before heading back into the thick of it. Next up, My Spirit Lives On, is pure guitar solo that is fast and hard, just great. Last song on this great album is The Power, everything about it is metal and the execution is awesome. Final Verdict on "Louder Than Hell": go get it and listen to it for yourself, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.