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Truly the Kings - 85%

metalfukinhead, April 20th, 2003

This cd is the first one that I ever heard of Manowar, and it was really surprising to hear the band thats inspired so many of the bands that I listen to. It's a very edgy cd by Manowar standards, definitely their most consistant outing with the exception of Louder Than Hell. The songs for the most part are all out metal classics, with all the cheese and loudness that makes Manowar the band that they are.

The first track Wheels Of Fire starts off with a the sound of a motorcycle, not the first time they've used that idea. Beyond that the song pounds into a typical Manowar anthemic sounding track which is simplistic and pleasing, with all the falsetto screams that Eric Adams can cram into a single song. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a good song.

The next song - Kings Of Metal is really the high point on the album...the song is incredibly reminescent to Sammy Hagar's "Heavy Metal", and that is really surprising in and of itself, but it is more of a hard-rock song than anything. It's truly for the fans of anything headbanging worthy.

Heart of Steel is another good song which starts off with a piano and shows off Eric's excellent voice. Simply put - cheese. Not bad though.

Sting of The Bumblebee is Joey showing off to no avail. If you've heard anything else Manowar has done, you'd know that this is what he does a few times on each album. He plays the classical piece "Flight Of The Bumblebee" and actually does a really exceptional take on it.

The rest of the album follows along these lines of consistancy. Hard hitting, fast, and screaming that these guys are the kings of metal. The production is amazing for 1988, and the album is probably my favorite with the exception of Louder Than Hell. I suppose Manowar fans would disagree with me, but I prefer the more heavy, less musical masturbation approach to things.