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Okay, what is up with this band!? - 47%

Whackooyzero, January 12th, 2010

Okay, I like Manowar, but I have to confess: What makes them so godly? Is it the image? The lyrics? The music? I don't know, but for some reason they are worshiped to no end. Often with little reason given. Into Glory Ride is a masterpiece, Battle Hymns is really good, Sign Of The Hammer is fantastic, and Hail To England is awesome. What do I get out of this? Another band who had hunger and power 25 years ago but lack that now.

Ironically, even in 1988 when Kings Of Metal was released here, that was already being shown. Along with having on of the most immature, yet insanely talented bassists in Joey DeMaio, they also happen to have some of the most immature, yet insanely awesome songs. That's what made the first 4 albums good. However, here(really beginning with Fighting The World, stopping briefly on The Triumph Of Steel and continuing from there on), the band simply makes songs that immature, humorous, and stupid. Kings Of Metal? Yeah right.

The music here is very simplistic, songs like "Wheels Of Fire", "Blood Of The Kings", and "Hail And Kill" are really simple(especially the former, the first verse which features just the low E note picked really fast the entire time), and unexciting, yet they are the best tracks here. Catchy, heavy, and fun, these are the kinds of songs that should have filled the whole album.

Then, as expected, we also have the ballads. "Heart Of Steel" is a classic for a good reason(simply epic with awesome lyrics), but I find "The Crown And The Ring" to be overrated. Despite having one of the band's best choruses, it has little else.

The rest of the songs are throwaways and are simply boring. "Kingdom Come" has some nice vocals by Eric but it's just boring overall. "Pleasure Slave" is monotonous and immature as is "Kings Of Metal", "Sting Of The Bumblebee" is a nice solo but generally pointless, and "William's Tale" is sort of funny in it's uselessness.

Now, in all honesty, Manowar from 1980-1985(add Triumph Of Steel) are one of my favorite bands, I love them and if they had only released those albums, then I would agree with them being called "Kings Of Metal". The lyrics are fun, the guitar is awesome, the vocals own, the bass shreds, and the drums pound mercilessly. But from Fighting onward, the music is humorous but that's about it. Ironically, the only other highlights in the rest of their career(besides TTOS) are "Dawn Of Battle", "Courage"(A very inspiring song), and a few songs off of Warriors Of The World

The other thing I have to wonder about is, why do people worship these guys so much when other bands were doing the same thing at the same time only much better(*cough* Virgin Steele *cough*)? My guess is that the image got them more attention and an artsy, intelligent band like Virgin Steele was forgotten.

Overall, actually fairly good, but is a generally unsatisfying. Half of the songs are very good, the other half is so boring I actually feel like taking a snooze just thinking about them. So 50% with 3 points taken off due to the lyrics of "Kings Of Metal" and "Pleasure Slave"