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Best heavy metal album ever - 100%

barbanera, January 5th, 2009

Manowar has had a really huge importance among the heavy scene worldwide. They still have a great number of attached fans that still follow them everywhere even though in my opinion their latest alums have failed to reach peaks the band reached in the 80s with albums like Hail To England, Battle Hymns and of course their most epic, poetic, magic and beatiful of their works: nontheless, I'm talking about the incredible Into Glory Ride.

Not only this album should be owned by every metalhead on earth, but by anyone who likes great music too, because that's what we're talking about: great music.

After a quite amusing intro the album start to kick ass with a very fast rock n roll tune called warlord. It' a really really good song but in my opinion is the weakest around here, because it doesn't really fit well in the general concept of the album, made by usually slow and epic songs. Then follows up a true masterpiece, one of the best songs I've ever heard which is called secret of steel. The song is slow, the rythm is very epic and Eric's vocals here are majestical. He blows away everything with his high pitched screams and war cries... Ross' solos and riffs are perfect as well. Then comes right into the stereo gloves of metal, which has really become a hymn among metalheads and contains one of ross' best solos... from this song is taken manowar's first video clip too. As well as this is an epic metal album, it won't miss an epic metal song about vikings, and there you have gates of valhalla. After a quit charming quiet intro where eric and joey show off their incredible skill, a really powerful riff kicks in. The chorus is really majestic as well as the solo is. This one probably is the most melodic song on this record. Then comes the most angry song I've ever heard: hatred. Again the song has a really slow attack but this one is the demontration of the fact that you don't really need a fast song to show some fucking anger and violence. Eric's screams are incredible on here: I think that this song contains his best performance ever, his war-like screams here always make me feel goosebumps on my body. Revelation is another quite melodic song but it doesn't fail to mantain a great epic atmosphere. Very good chorus.
The last song here, march for revenge, is another incredible masterpiece. It has both melodic, calm parts and angry, powerful moments. Ross the boss builds one of his best solos here too.

This album is perfect under every angle. Even the quite weak production provides to give it a even better atmosphere. This record is also the reason why Eric Adams is my favourite singer ever. No other singer sings like he does here... It's something incredible, mere words can't express what you fell when you listen to his voice on Into Glory Ride.

Absolutely a must-have... Manowar at its best. Or I better say heavy metal at its best?