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Vastly Underrated Classic - 99%

OneRing, October 1st, 2004

Into Glory Ride is the lost Manowar album in my opinion. This was the very first thing I heard from them and was completely blown away. I would go on to enjoy all of their releases but this is the one I always grab first.
The album starts off with a bang (literally, a sexual one though) with Warlord, a prime example of the "look how tough and heavy we are" songs they would continue recording forever. One of my favorite Manowar tracks of all time follows, The Secret of Steel is a slow paced pounder making one think of Conan's father showing him how to forge a sword. The vocals at the end of this song have never been equalled by Eric Adams in my opinion. The last line is how a metal singer should sound. Gloves of Metal and Gates of Valhalla are both excellent, the former is a salute to the metalheads who risked their eardrums at Manowar's live gigs, and Gates is an epic tale of a warrior preparing himself for death and the majesty of the Norse idea of Heaven. Hatred follows, with an absolutely evil performance by Eric Adams while the song pounds with a heavy plodding beat and bass wankings from Joey DeMaio. The album closes with two epics that are among the best in the Manowar canon, Revelation(Death's Angel) and March For Revenge(By the Soldiers of Death). Revelation features a galloping rhythm while warning of the coming apocalypse. March For Revenge is another great showpiece for Eric Adams' godly vocals. You can actually hear the sorrow and regret soon followed by anger, hatred and vengeance in his voice during the slow interlude.
Again, Manowar have made many great albums and songs but this one is the total package for me. If you are interested in them by no means, do not miss this one!