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Decent atmosphere, forgettable songwriting - 63%

SLlMER, May 4th, 2011

Manetheren from Minnesota.. Two aspects of this album that work well are the guitars and the keyboards, as they seem to meld into each another and create a fairly expressive auditory atmosphere of both darkness and psychedelia. However, the drums (which are supposedly played by a real/live drummer) just sound.. well odd, for lack of better terms.. some bad triggering going on or something, but essentially they sound programmed. The beats are fine in themselves, but the tone and timbre of the drums is just incongruous with this type of music.

In fact the production altogether is pretty flat- a bit one dimensional and bland. A decent atmosphere is evoked, but the songwriting is somewhat sacrificed in the process of attaining this strong atmosphere, and as noted earlier the production is cheesy and sterile in my opinion. I could have done without the vocals altogether, what with that whole screeching, raped cat approach going on that is so over the top and over-done at this point. The bass is repetitive and follows the guitars so closely that it becomes quite redundant after about 10 minutes of listening, especially considering how loudly it stands out in the mix.

A rating of 63 for this record is perhaps generous in my opinion, but it's far from a lousy release. USBM fiends may want to check this band out. Manetheren could surely go on to unleash a genuine banger of an album upon a stagnating American BM scene in the future.