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NY brutal death gone whacko - 68%

SLlMER, April 29th, 2006

Malignancy's "Cross Species Transmutation" EP consist of a 16 minute whirlwind of bombastic and propulsive death metal. The phrasing of the riffs are at times verging on the very unusual. Guitarist Ron Kachnic uses pinch harmonics in a spastic way that i've rarely heard before. Think along the lines of Disgorge(US) but even more blatant and overused. There are some thick slam breaks with constant pinch harmonics weaving to and fro, sometimes consisting of full triplets. Some riffs rely solely on pinch harmonics to express the melody of a phrase.

The overall song structures are twisted, with some severe atmospheres invoking the premonition that you're in for a serious slam pounding which you inevitably recieve. This is brutal death metal gone over the top. Imagine a combination involving Mortician, Organic Infest, Suffocation, and maybe Disgorge except far weirder on all accounts.

The freakish technique of the guitarist adds a unique quality. Danny Nelson's vocals are guttural and well done. Low and husky without ever breaking into the torturing-farm-animals category, and lets face it that's a positive thing. The vocals are mixed at good volume. The drumming is very tight and the guy plays lots of impressive fills and blastbeats that are dead-on with the grinding insanity of the guitar. The bass is close to inaudible, which is weak but not unexpected given the genre.

It's good to listen to occasionally but it's really short and overall just not that memorable. Song structures are chaotic and mostly all over the place. The cover art and lyrics are of the messy variety as well - what with all the surgical gore, bleeding animals, torture, medical malpractice, etc, however I would be interested to hear what Malignancy come up with in the future and Malignancy die-hards will probably want to pick this up.