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Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast! - 89%

HomicidalBreath, October 18th, 2013

Machine Head's debut "Burn my Eyes" has always seemed to catch my attention out of the bands discography. It's definitely not their best record but as most know each Machine Head album sounds different and the best way to describe this is a groove fest and that sounds pretty great to me.

The songs are all memorable and worth listening to. You won't find yourself dozing off and getting bored anywhere throughout the record. Almost each track is structured differently, features tempo changes and has great music overall. "Block" is the only track that I consider meh, pretty poor way to finish an album. The production is something that's always made me love this album even more, it just has that dirty early 90's sound and it really suits this album.

The riffs here are monstrous, as soon as the opening track "Davidian" riff starts with it's crushing, thick guitar tone you know you've came across something great. As everything on this record, the guitar is full of relentless groove. Considering Robb came from Vio-lence who are well known for writing insanely fast thrash songs, it's odd that very little thrash is evident aside from a few select parts. Though most of "Blood for Blood" has some wicked thrash riffs and one of the best here, there's only 3 other tracks that have some thrash licks. The lead work is nothing to really go on about, this album focuses more on intense riffing than solos, no big deal. There's some really nice clean guitar work here though that's beautiful, the intro of "A Nation on Fire" is an amazing example. No complaints about the guitar work, very well executed.

If you're like me and got into Machine Head with albums later into their discography, the vocals will catch you off guard. This isn't a bad thing, Robb sounds more rough and more "I dont give a fuck". It's quite apparent that this was his first attempt at doing vocals aside from doing thrash shouts. Nothing really to brag about aside from some of the clean singing in "A Nation on Fire" and "Im Your God Now", the vocals are good and that's about it. The bass tone here is better than any Machine Head record, sound so chunky and slick, as soon you hear the bass line at the beginning of "Old" you instantly drool. The bass work itself is the best Adam ever did, this and "The More Things Change.." are the only albums he puts any effort in. The drum work is wicked as well, I can't say it's some of Machine Head's best because there's no denying things got more technical with Dave, but nonetheless there's still some skilled drumming here. Personally, what really makes this album is the riffs, the rhythm of the songs and the lyrics. The lyrical themes range from anger, depression, anti-government and anti- religion. I really love the lyrics here, over top of the crushing guitar it just sounds so "fuck the world". I'll give you a little taste of what you'll find here:

"A hatred burns inside me, emotion out of hand
but I've the will to focus this, survive, contrive, command
from pain come a courage. the strength from injustice
The rage to overcome it all, an open mind with a closed fist"

The lyrics on this album will help anyone who's pissed off, and some of the tracks including the one I just put the lyrics to (The Rage to Overcome) can be helpful during depression. There's not much else to say about this record, overall it's the most important album in the bands history obviously, it's their debut. It may not of been the one that got them some fame (The Blackening) but there's no denying this is a fucking awesome album. I recommend this to anyone who likes metal, simply put.