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For fans of Tyrant, Crossfire, Noisehunter - 74%

gravedigger84, June 18th, 2012

MP aka Metal Priests were an obscure heavy metal band formed in Germany at 1986. Later on same year they released their first full length album Bursting Out – eventually releasing three more albums after the debut at 1987 (Get It Now), 1988 (Showdown) and 1992 (Melting Point under changed band name “Melting Point”).

What we have here is quite damn straightforward set of heavy rocking songs, with a good dose of energy. Perhaps a record not to be taken too seriously. Bursting Out is cheesy, simple, dirty and yet kind of a record that is fun to listen to. MP sound a bit like their country mates Noisehunter but being more rocking and dirtier – perhaps being even closer to their other country mates Tyrant. There is similar snottyness and roughness in their sound than Tyrant as well as the rocking attitude. Even singer is almost same caliber with over the top hoarse voice similar to Tyrant’s singer Kerrmit, but with occasional higher pitch in the voice which tends to sound a bit whiny even (slight complaint). Crossfire from Belgium also comes quite close style wise. Take the most straight forward riffs of Judas Priest and Accept and add over the top german hoarse voiced vocalist and you get pretty close to the end result what Metal Priests sound like. Even though the album has very hard rock'ish edge, it has certain level of heaviness in it's sound and manages to sound quite strong and raw.

The material varies between safe mid fast tempo rockers and a few speedier moments. The material is perhaps sailing on a bit too “safe waters” with no much surprises – just regular in your face heavy metal with hard rocking edge. The choruses are basic and made to shout along with. Strong and crispy power chord riffage is all over the place and leads are quite minimal – however guitar solos are decently good and fluent and stand out when played. Stomping mid-fast drumming and audible bass are also trademarks throughout the album.

As a highlights I’d pick the title track Bursting Out which is totally in your face speed metal song with nice lead guitar shredding and strong palm muted riffing. It’s just full of energy and chorus makes you want to shout out loud “Bursting, bursting! (Bursting Out!)”. MP (Metal Priests) is another one with mid-fast tempo, smashing drums and very simple but working power chord mania driving it forward. There’s just unresistable dirty groove in this song. Heavy slower stompers with massive drum pound – Startide Rising and Out For Love – work out well. The rest of the songs are pretty much more of the same but not as great as these tracks.

This album is nice to crank up while driving on highway and would as well to fit to some beer party. There’s quite strong uplifting general feeling in the album. It's generic with it's riffs and lyrics (especially simple shout-along choruses) but some songs are just irresistible - you can not be without headbanging to them. Very enjoyable in-your-face rocking solid heavy metal album from massive german touch to it – recommended for anyone who like bands like Tyrant (GER) and Crossfire (BEL) and dirty rocking german sound in general, in my opinion Bursting Out is very well up to par with best releases from those two bands. Not mind blowing but well enjoyable..

74/100 (Good)

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