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Hail Sathanas...indeed - 85%

mehoff_of_jackness, October 13th, 2007

What we have here is some simple yet very effective black metal. The harsh, abrasive nature of the more well known Vampires of Black Imperial Blood and Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul is absent on this release. The riffs aren't exactly crystal clear but you can still make them out without any effort. Surprisingly enough the production is actually pretty good.

Now, onto the music itself. Mid-paced tempos fueled by simple drums carry plodding riffs around a central theme creating a dark aesthetic that is very unique in comparison to the upcoming Mutiilation albums. The minimalistic approach to songwriting work perfectly here, a culmination of majestic screams and dark riffs took me, the listener, to a place of darkness and oddly enough, serenity. The music is very comforting in a way, especially the intro on Desecrate Jesus Name.

All in all this is an essential release for Mutiilation fans and fans of true black metal in general. I'd say the only real drawback is one riff that is very unoriginal on Desecrate Jesus name, and it's not even very bad.