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Meh... - 83%

electric27, June 30th, 2004

Ow, my ass hurts... well hello there. What's that? Yes, I have a minute. You want to know what I think of Motley Crue's Shout at the Devil? Odd thing of you to ask, but okay.

With the release of Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a new generation of kids have been exposed to the Crue, one of the most loved, hated, and notorious bands to come out of the 80's Strip scene. This album is especially relevant because "Too Young to Fall in Love" is featured in the game. It's apparent that it's a good song because my one friend exclusively listens to ska and HE likes the song. Everybody likes the song. I hope YOU do, because this album is basically that song repeated over and over again at various tempos. I'm serious.

In the Beginning: Stupid intro track. SKIP!

Shout at the Devil: A nice short song. If you listen closely, the intro's kinda sloppy, cause the backround vocals kinda come in in a spot where they may not have been supposed to. Somebody knew there was a fuckup and did a half-assed job of fixing it. Vince's vocals on this song are pretty good, but I never liked his "really high" voice. The song's basically the same two riffs over and over again, with a key change thrown in.

Looks that Kill: This song's a departure on an album that's a departure from the Crue's standard "I like chicks and fire" content. Which is to say that this is a lot like a lot of other Motley Crue songs. Bouncy and kinda cool. Vince's vocals kinda annoy me sometimes.

Bastard: A pretty good, albiet unorigional song. Nice solo in the beginning. Verse is kinda lame, which is a shame because this is mostly just Verse/Chorus over and over again.

God Bless the Children of the Beast: The name kinda sums up the theme of the album: Quasi-Satanic and slightly retarded. Why would God bless the Children of the Beast? What the fuck? I know this was all Nikki's doing. I read it in their book. I bet he got the idea while he was banging Lita Ford.

Helter Skelter: Meh, think of Helter Skelter. Now take away the trippy studio effects and imagine Motley Crue was playing it and changed some of the riffs. There ya go.

Red Hot: Dumb. Just, ugh, fuck. I like the drums. Otherwise this song is the chorus over and over. It's Vince singing about how great his band is. Some good riffs, though.

Too Young to Fall in Love: Good song. Again, not hugely origional, but there is a piano in it. Every time I listen to this song I want to jump on a motorcycle and mow people down.

Knock 'Em Dead Kid: It has keyboards on it. Repetitive as all fuck.

Ten Seconds to Love: Only ten seconds?! How did these guys get so many chicks?

Danger: Booooo. Soft intro, things just kinda get faggy. More keyboards.

Big Picture: I like the production on this, espetially the sludgy, saturated guitars. Tommy Lee does an admirable job pounding the skins. Nikki's bass playing is blah, but he wrote most of the songs so it's okay. Vince sounds wierd on some tracks. He tried to do that really high falsetto, and for some reason when he does it, he can't properly pronounce words correctly. This album is pretty dark for Crue, and pretty damn repetitive.

Note: I downloaded this album from Apple's iTunes store. It has some bonus demos for Shout at the Devil, Looks that Kill, Hotter Than Hell, and Too Young to Fall in Love, as well as I Will Survive. I like the demo's better than the regulars.