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KULT is shit - 50%

depth, January 28th, 2005

Best way to introduce new underground bands.

This tape have lot of noise. LUST would be better if vocals were not so unnatural highpitched. Vocals ruin a little their force of songs. UNHOLY ANRCHANGEL are too serious for this tape with their Blasphemy-Sarcofago-(old) Bathory kind of punk/hardcore/thrash-metal are clearly the weakest one on this tape. KULT are the best, spontanious and improvised noise-death-metal with horrible soundquality. KULT has members of WORSHIP and BEER VOMIT. The last mentioned sound quite alike KULT.

For KULT + 95 points, for LUST + 10 points for U.A. - 50 total 50 points