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The Majesty of the Demo is Amazing! - 95%

Flamos, October 29th, 2008

Blind Guardians first release “Battalions of Fear” is great, one of Guardians best. Before Blind Guardian the bands name was Lucifer’s Heritage, and getting my hands on this demo was quite a treat. It has four tracks from the BG album “Battalions of Fear” with one not on the original release. This demo is amazing. The songs are actually better. Production isn’t much better; In fact, it’s as bad as most demos sound. Compared to the original album, the songs sound better because of it. Hansi Kurcsh’s vocals are fantastic. The screeches he can pull off here are phenomenal. “Majesty” is the best on here, with a carnival sound intro that lets into speed power metal perfection. The riff here rules and the overpowering bass works well here. The overproduced bass makes the song more efficient. “Run for the Night” closes out this fantastic demo, this song is one of Guardian’s best and it’s a shame they never play it live, and once again it’s better on this demo!

Any fan of Blind Guardians earlier releases must check this out, you will not be disappointed. I wish their first release sounded more like this!