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Retard death metal. - 80%

Noktorn, June 1st, 2008

This is total Neanderthal death metal, which makes it awesome. It's just pure Obituary worship from top to bottom with maybe a little Malevolent Creation and I'm pretty sure most of the music on this album was generated through the sound of knuckles dragging through dirt. This is for people who feel that Six Feet Under is just too fancy for them and wish they had a better soundtrack for their trailer park shenanigans.

All the riffs are slow tremolo or thrash-based and taken directly from the 'Cause Of Death' mold. It switches regularly between double bass passages and stomping rock beats, with vocals that are simply a lower version of John Tardy's grotesque howling. It's utterly simple and devoid of even a hint of subtlety. 'Sex.Violence.Death.' actually sets death metal back a decade whenever it's played. Never has a chosen band name been so horribly appropriate.

And all those reasons are why it's AWESOME! Lowbrow is absolutely devoid of pretense on this release, just cranking out simple, heavy-as-fuck oldschool death metal with sick vocals and excellent riffs. This is the logical album for every fan of Jungle Rot's stupid, stupid music, or those that think early Death was pretty much the pinnacle of human art. This album's entirely composed of slow, rocking grooves and growls about utterly generic death metal subjects. If you've heard 'Cause Of Death' you LITERALLY KNOW what this sounds like. There's nothing more to it! It's oldschool death metal!

I love this because it's so intentionally dumb and most people will probably hate it for the same reason. If you like your death metal to sound like it's composed by a special education classroom, this is the most amazing thing you'll ever hear in your life.