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Born of the Joke - 67%

TheLegacyReviews, December 5th, 2012

To be honest I wasn't really following Lich King and looking forward to this release since the only song I listen to with this band is Black Metal Sucks and their Aggressive Perfector cover. But why do I not listen to Lich King? First of all, I'm not to fond of the new wave of thrash metal and their joking image. It was fun for a little while, many years ago. So when people started talking about Born of the Bomb as the thrash album of 2012, I thought that Lich King had moved on, but no...

After a rather simple but pretty good introduction we come into the first couple of tracks which offers a little of this and a little of that. By that I mean it offers something for the NWOTM fan and me. The song We Came to Conquer well just by looking at the title I don't really have to explain it for you with lines of the lyrics going: "But none of that shit matters, Lich King rules"... A continuous thing that bothers me from time to time is the vocals, at some times they are just a little too much out of control with the "bvvaaaaaa" and it sounds like shit to be honest. Keep it clean, because Tom got some good vocals, and that really comes to life on the bands Agent Steel cover. It seems like Lich King are trying to let go of the cliché that they are a part of but they can't let it go. And would it really be a Lich King album without the tradition of ripping off Overkill with the self titled song divided in chapters? Of course not. Even though Patrick Lind and Jay Visser from legendary Morbid Saint appears on the song it doesn't appear to stick out from the other songs.

One thing I must hand out is that the band knows how to do a proper cover, at least they do now. The covers on their debut Necromantic Maelstrom are horrific... But in the vein of their Slayer cover from World Gone Dead the Agent Steel cover on this album is incredible and sounds really good. So an idea for the band. Do a cover album, it'll be a lot better.
And speaking of covers, it is not to anybody's surprise that Tom Martin did the artwork for this album.What is there to say about it? It is not the most breathtaking covers that Tom creates but they look pretty good and the cover for this album serves it right.

Honourable mentions from this album is Wage Slave, Agnosticism and Agents of Steel. I don't like to give an album a price as the best album of some random year, so to put it in another way. This album is not in the top of the best albums released in 2012, if you want some kick ass albums then try Overkill's The Electric Age, or Testament's Dark Roots of the Earth. Of course there's many more good albums but those two are the ones I could think of quick. Lich King does however advance from each album and Born of the Bomb is their best effort yet. They kind of got it together on this album but again they slip around the corner, and that is a damn shame. Maybe that is just the course for this band and how they will construct all of their albums, in that case, I'll just start looking away when they pop out with something new. But it could be worse, it is not like I have to listen to Phantom Mainstreamist or Mediocre Genocide.

Written for The Legacy Reviews