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Great Classical Metal - 83%

EvilOrDivine, May 14th, 2004

Back in the early 80's. The NWOBHM in England was bleeding to death when the bands sold-out or became too big. Record company's saw their change to release some new music from new bands. This time not from the UK but the USA. So you'd get the First Wave Of American Heavy Metal. With the speed/thrashers at one side (Slayer, Metallica etc.) and the epical, traditional metal band. Queensryche would become the most famous, followed by Fates Warning and other lesser-known bands. One of these bands is LEATHERWOLF. The first demo's of this band first circulated around `83, which feature a lot of songs who are also on this album.
This albums is often overlooked because LEATHERWOLF released an album with the same title 3 years later (incl the hit single THE CALLING). That's why I like to call this Endangered Species.

The albums starts of with 'Spiter', a good choice 'cos it gives the listener a good first impression of the band; Nice up-tempo, well performed, lyrical good, metal.
Spiter is followed by Endangered Species, which offers more of the same.
Tonight's The Night (and Season Of The Witch) has in the chorus very high vocals, which remind of early Queensr├┐che and Iron Maiden.

The Hook, Kill And Again, Off The Track and Vagrant are very good tracks.
But the album saves the best. Because the closing 'Leatherwolf' is the best song the band ever composed.

The production could have been better, so that's why I think "Leatherwolf (1987) and Street Ready (1989) are even better.

Maybe it's a good idea to re-master and re-release this hard to find album.