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A Psychedelic Metal Journey to Space - 95%

TheAntagonist, December 13th, 2004

Crimson Cosmos grabs a hold of you for start to finish. It is one crazy, psychedelic metal trip. If I were to describe this band to someone who has never heard of them I would say they are reminiscent of a metal hybrid of Pink Floyd. You can see the comparison on the title track itself. But to call them a direct copy of Floyd would be doing them a disservice, because they are so much more.

The album's high point has got to be "Devil's Diner". It is a very upbeat, melodic tune that is nothing short of catchy. Most of the songs are easily accessible which is why it is enjoyable. Though the variety is what will keep you coming back for more. One need only stare at the cover of the album to know what kind of experience it will be. This is a very unique and interesting offering from a musically diverse band.