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Lacuna Coil Simplified - 87%

FOrbIDen, July 31st, 2011

About two years after I bought Italian gothic metal band, Lacuna Coil's 2006 release "Karmacode", I spent another visit to my local music store and I saw Lacuna Coil's section and I was debating over "Comalies", or "Shallow Life". I walked out of the store with a copy of their latest release, "Shallow Life" in my hand. Lacuna Coil went from a complex heavy gothic metal band to a commercial alternative hard rock band with a simple sound. Sure the songs are good but they're not verry powerful like Lacuna Coil's past work.

The simplicity is what makes this album weaker than past efforts, the guitars are mostly clean and not heavy at all. But some parts of Lacuna Coil's work remains the same, like the vocals. Vocalist Cristina Scabbia's voice still leads the band with her powerful voice. She seems to show off her range in this album, hitting higher notes than past albums. But her leading male partner Andrea Ferro's voice is husky and harsh, sometimes it doesn't work out for him and he doesn't help the band as much as he probably hurts it, but when executed correctly the contrast is good.

The opening song song "Survive" is probably on of the heaviest and energetic songs on the album and the lyrics are also a bit deep. The fourth song "I'm Not Afraid" is powerful that has a beautiful keyboard part, along with Cristania's voice reminds me a little bit of Linkin Park. The fifth track "I Like It" is good sounding but not verry original and is a bit repetitive. "Spellbound", the eighth track is one the high-lights of the album with an energetic opening. This song also has a great solo, not to mention Cristina hitting higher notes that ends the track with an amazing finish.

So, the album is good, it has some flaws but is still worth a listen to. You might like "Shallow Life", you might not, but I recomend listening to Lacuna Coil's older releases.

Highlights: I'm Not Afraid, The Pain, Spellbound, The Maze