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Comatruths! - 90%

StoopidPreacher, April 10th, 2004

First....I do like Lacuna Coil, I have liked them since the first time I heard them, and they will stay sat among Darkthrone, Emperor, Frost, Therion and Judas Iscariot in my CD racks.

I hear alot of people slating Lacuna Coil for being too "pop"....which pop are you listening to, because I might just have a piece of that shit!

Comalies is a terrific album, the combination of Christina Scabbia and Andrea Ferros vocals are as notch and they dont fail for a second to deliver a plethora of great melodic metal songs that are more than enjoyable.

"Heaven's a lie" riminds me alot of "When a dead man walks" and I love it, the number of tracks on this album that are good or great overshadow any flaws this album has and if you can look passed the fact that Lacuna Coil aren't particularly heavy then this album is great.

I ike it as much as I liked "Unleased Memories", maybe after more listens I will like it more, and while its not perfect and isn't something to put on if you wanna rock out, it is a good CD that deserves the benifit of the doubt!