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Kerion - epitomizing "generic." - 50%

acidraver, August 5th, 2007

Oh, look! A band – a symphonic power metal band – fronted by a female singer, no less! It has got melodic instruments, some double bass drumming, and wait…

Right, almost forgot, I’ve heard this a billion times. This isn’t a Nightwish album or anything highly anticipated from any other big name band, so don’t kid yourself with hyped expectations. The Last Sunset is just a power metal album, albeit one that isn’t entirely bad, but one that is entirely unoriginal.

Production-wise, its good enough to make out the instruments, but it lacks punch and clarity; its all a bit muffled. No big deal for those of us who see no problem with Vlad Tepes, but for the guys who prefer the crisper production on the likes of “Gates of Oblivion,” from Dark Moor, this might not suffice.

Since one could argue that not too many bands have female singers, one might wonder, at least, how good is Flora Spinelli? Well, she’s not as bad as say, Paris Hilton, but she does sound like she’s half-asleep, singing as if bored to tears, devoid of all passion, the only emotion in her voice the longing for the song to end. This might just be me misinterpreting an intentional, artistic singing style, though. You just never know, and sleepy singers don’t sound totally dreadful – it might just be your thing.

If you must try it out, I prefer “Dark Isle Part II,” and actually like that one song enough to have listened to it several times. All in all, it’s probably not worth the buy unless you’re into symphonic power metal to begin with, because it could hardly entertain someone who doesn’t like the style enough to forgive unoriginality and even mediocrity.