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The ultimate party album. - 89%

Nightcrawler, October 27th, 2003

I know what you're thinking. "He likes it just because it says Judas Priest on it." Or something like that, most likely. But that is in fact not true. I try not to have a biased opinion on music (although in some cases it's inevitable), and I do not love all Priest albums just because they're my favourite band. On the contrary; they're my favourite band cause I love all their albums.

Now what most people use as arguments against this album is that it sounds almost like glam, and it's too commercial, and some even go as far as calling it a sellout album. And while they certainly did not sell out, this is indeed a very commercial glam-metal styled album, but being a fan of the genre and I love this album. Turbo is filled with catchy, fun as hell party-anthems and classic rockers, with loads of infectious choruses, rather simplistic at times but very effective riffs, mindblowing solos as on any Halford-era Priest album, and in general killer songwriting. This here is the ultimate party album. Classic heavy metal with several notable glam-metal influences.

As usual, the band impresses with spectacular songwriting, and several of the songs here I'd call forgotten Priest classics, those being opening track Turbo Lover, Out in the Cold and Reckless.
Turbo Lover is an above midpaced tune with tons of groove and atmosphere in the songwriting, tastefully enhanced by the keyboards. The song features two absolutely amazing middle sections and mindblowing soloing ala Glenn.
Out in the Cold is an incredible ballad displaying some pure emotion. The keyboard melodies that make up the intro are absolutely mesmerizing, but are brought to full power on the Priest...Live version with the crowd singalong. Rob's vocals are also a definitive standout on here, delivering a splendid performance as always.
Reckless is the best song on here, and is the perfect album closer. It's dynamic, powerful, and anthemic- a classic Priest song, and probably one of my top 10 ever by the band.
But every song on here is great, really. Locked In and Private Property are catchy as hell and they're a blast to sing along to. And the more anthemic tunes Parental Guidance (man, are those lyrics awesome or what? "Every day you scream at me to turn the music low, but if you keep on screaming you'll make me deaf you know!" Haha, classic shit) and Rock You All Around The World, which also (like any other song on the album) features some awesome soloing.
Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days is a classic. I can picture myself in a few years cruising the streets and blasting this baby on full volume at midnight. Hell yeah! And of course, Hot For Love. Sinister, dark and mean- a classic sex song in the vein of Love Bites meets Love You To Death. And check out that monster of a solo!

Yes, Judas Priest took a much more commercial and radio-friendly aim with Turbo. But the songwriting in itself is as killer as always, and this definitely ranks as another Priest classic for me.
The remaster features a killer live rendition of Locked In, and the awesome unheard track All Fired Up, featuring some extremely explosive vocal lines, speed metal riffwork and a magnificent solo, and much more. Classic tune, don't see why it wasn't used from the start.
So yeah, if you like me would enjoy 40 minutes of fun party anthems and catchy singalongs, this is definitely something you need.