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End of a...well...Mini-Era. - 67%

TiredOfBeingAlive, June 25th, 2007

This double album, for fans of Classic Priest, does not disappoint in that the bands play the songs with as strong of musicianship as the originals. I don't have the dvd, so I don't know if Ripper actually comes out on a Harley, but it sounds good as hell on the cd!

This album's pretty much the Metal Monster you'd expect from 90's era Priest, with all the aggression, if not more, than it's Live Meltdown '98 counterpart. It's genuinely a great concert with Priest at the top of their game.

Now for the shortcoming. With these first 2 paragraphs, you'd think this review would read like a high 80s maybe low 90s. Unfortunately, this is not true. Here are the cons:

-Ripper Owens, while possessing a great set of pipes, cannot hit those notes Halford basically invented. This is made pretty embarassing considering my next point.

-THE BAND IS TUNED IN SOME NU-METAL SHIT TUNING! This is what kills this album for me....GAH IT'S HORRIBLE. Nu-Slayer....sure. Nu-Metallica...meh yes it's there. But Nu-Priest!?! That's fucking blasphamy. But it's true.

While the classics are all played excellently, the tuning completely ruins the classics. Yes, it is that bad.

On another downside, Ripper's Jugulator and Demolition tracks do not gel very well with the Halford Classics. It's like Priest...lost their equipment, had to borrow the Nu-Metal opening act's gear, then every 4 songs, a shitty Metalcore band comes in and plays their supposed "Hit song" all those 14 year olds love.

This album is DECENT, but if you lust to hear Priest classics played how you know and love them, go get Unleashed in the East...hell even Priest...Live! is better than this.

Probably for completists only.

If you do feel you need more Live Priest, just get Live Meltdown '98. It has no Demolition songs, so it's about a gazillion times better.