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A Very 'Metal' Single - 88%

DeathRiderDoom, May 23rd, 2009

Judas Priest – Exciter

A great little single from priest released during a great period of their career. This release contains two great hits – one an early live favourite and speed metal masterwork, the other a drawn out epic of legendary status.

Exciter was a song I was taken with immediately. The most memorable part of this track is the part with the lyric “You'll never see him but you will taste the fire upon your tongue” which great, with excellent vocal harmony and a change in the furious tempo of the song giving it added effectiveness. Also, the triumphant power-metal style guitar lead (you know the one I mean) is an excellent high point in this fantastic number. Halford’s vocals are the usual: Amazing, with the drums being particularly well-done in this piece.

‘Dissident Aggressor’ satisfies the metal purist with damn heavy power metal-ish attack. In the typically dark style of this era of Priest, a drawn out intro builds tension before an all-out assault begins with multiple layers of that typically high Halford scream. The most memorable feature for me is the excellent and incredibly ‘heavy’ lyrics in the chorus, and its phenomenal delivery by the man himself. ‘Stab, Bawl, Punch, Bawl!” are delivered with a shitload of intensity that is seldom matched by any other band (especially when this was released). The guitar lead section is impressive in that usual sense with priest, and works well with the dark nature of the song, without being their hallmark solo section. Anyway, I found it weird that this song was included on the b-side. This has already served as the b-side on at least one other single I can think of, and I think it might have been a wiser choice to go with another cut.

Anyway, a great priest single continuing their flawless progress to date by this point. Two thoroughly enjoyable tracks that are definitely ‘metal’ by anyone’s standards. Pretty good as a condensed version of what Judas Priest was all about during this period. Solid stuff here.