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My All-Time Favorite Judas Priest Song - 100%

elfo19, March 22nd, 2008

I wanted to write a review of this single t express my love for "Breaking The Law." Normally I would just write a review of the "British Steel" album but I felt that the rest of the songs on that album were a bit weak and I would have a hard time giving anything with "Breaking The Law" on it any less that a 90.

So here we are with one of the greatest metal songs of all time. The riff is one of the most memorable and the overall song is one of the greatest early metal songs ever. It's not the catchy pop of "Living After Midnight" or the hard metal of other Priest songs but it finds a very good midlle. It's similar to "You Got Another Thing Coming" but shorter, and much better. In this two minute song there are so many unique and memorable parts and the viewing of the music video makes me like the song even more.

One of my favorite metal songs finally being reviewed and I have little to say except this: If you've never heard this song then hurry quickly to iTunes or wherever you get your music and buy it now!