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Yet another good release - 93%

judasiscariot, September 3rd, 2004

Judas Iscariot is charging into a new realm in terms of black metal. This cd has many of the trade mark Judas Iscariot type riffs with cryptic winter on drums. Akhenaten seems to have also gone out of his way to make the music more intense, and more raw then the previous release. One could make the assumption that he has decided to return to the previous recording style of 'thy dying light...' etc. The recording seperates itself from this era. It sounds as though more money has been spent on the production itself but the equipment has been driven harder. The guitar has this fuzz going through it reminding me a little bit of gorgoroth's work. The drums are more hollow then usual but the bass kick is louder. This seems like a worthy compromise since I accept Akhenaten is no longer on drums. The bass guitar also plays a fairly decent role throughout this cd. The overall sound is very impressive, lets not also forget how long Judas Iscariot has been around for. I think this is important and I greatly admire this band for remaining true raw black metal. Though this is different, Akhenaten's drum errors are no longer present...this is nothing less then what I would expect. Recommanded even as a first Judas Iscariot experience despite the shortish play time.