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I like the cover art. That's pretty much it. - 1%

In, November 26th, 2012

Let me start off with what I like about this album. I love the cover art. The embossed, Iron Maiden-inspired logo and the corrupted Star of David logo atop a scene from space is very pleasing to the eyes and reminds me of countless metal albums from the 1980s. I also like... uh... that's pretty much the only good thing I can think of.

Now we get on to the bad stuff. Let's start with the drums. He plays these really haphazard mid-paced rhythms, he constantly goes off-beat, and when he tries to perform a blast beat he makes numerous mistakes. I suspect the drummer recorded his parts while drunk. Don't believe me? Listen to the song “Instrumental” and hear for yourself. Also, for some strange reason, the snare sounds like it doesn't belong to the rest of the drum kit. It sounds a bit louder than the other pieces of the kit, as though they took the snare recordings from a previous session and put it into the final mix. Hell, the production is so bad I can't even hear the other pieces of the kit.

Some of the guitars play some pretty decent riffs infused with a touch of melody and remind me a bit of the Blazebirth Hall, but the production is so bad it's hidden behind a cloud of fuzz and background noise. If they hired a professional to handle the production instead of trying to do it themselves, then they could have made the guitars shine. Just listen to the solo near the end of “Total Destruction and Complete Annihilation”. It's obvious they have the musical knowledge but they don't have the production knowledge.

The worst part of this album has to be the vocals. Someone never told him this important lesson: hoarse whispers are not a substitute for black metal rasps. If you're gonna be a black metal vocalist, you need to have the courage to rip out your vocal cords. If you only perform hoarse whispers, people are going to assume you still live in your parents' basement. Hoarse whispers are a real pet peeve of mine. If you're gonna make black metal, you gotta show some commitment. If you half-ass it by performing hoarse whispers, then it's an obvious sign you're not committed.

Overall, some of the guitar parts were pretty good, but the vocals, drums, and production utterly ruin the experience. Here's some advice the frontman should follow if he plans to produce a second album: stop it with the hoarse whispering and perform some real black metal vocals, hire a professional producer instead of handling it yourself, kick out your alcoholic drummer, and change the name of your band. Seriously, Jewicide? How old are you? 12?