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A metal producer's must-have - 90%

Defiler, May 16th, 2004

I'm no guitarist, But James Murphy's Feeding the machine will leave any respected musican numbed from the beautiful musical art and accuracy of thou.
Unlike Marty Friedman's solo-career, and way-off the neo-classical approach of mister Malmsteen, Murphy's is all metal - and fucknig proud of it - and he pulls out metallic riffs that could be easily used by any Thrash of thrash-based metal act.

I can imagine a 2nd LOW from Testament only with this musical pact. ofcourse it doesn't includes the beastiary of Peterson riffs - but it beats any Testament post-Scolnick lead-guitar work.

I would describe Murphy's career as Proggressive thrash metal with a very modern sound - no, not Machine-head kinda modern, but it has it's kinky moments.

Stand out track are the openning self-titled with freezing solos of both guitar and keyboards. I think it's mister Thousands himself gives a new dimension of vocals here. Both Thousands and Murphy are close friends - and both are scientist to works of metal and metal-sound. Murphy's produced many beautiful creations (Including the Testament Tribute Jump in the pit, and the upcoming Tribute To Death) and also Mrs. Thousands known for his skillful production arts as Soilwork and Darkane. The unique style of playing and sound-engineering are well noticed all over the album.
"Race with the devil on a spanish highway" is Murphy's most atmospheric output to date - but the best track here is the quite simple and catchy "No one can tell you" featuring the vocal-demon Chuck "Voice of god" Billy.

Not only for guitar players - I would recommand this album for every sound-engneer of producer. It will make your life better or leave you in despair - vrying you cannot achive those piece altogether with your puny equipment.
To those who chose the 2nd option : Stop crying and buy us a better Marshell emp. ! and you call yerself a producer...