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One of the greatest albums ever - 100%

Ck_Raging_Violence, November 29th, 2008

Perfection is usually something bands strive for, and while there are many, many amazing metal releases existing today, there are only a handful of absolutely perfect albums. Iron Maiden, being a huge band, might seem like an obvious choice to praise an album from, but who cares? They've released quite a few classic albums (as most metal heads would know), but this release is perhaps the best of their 30+ year existence.

Words really cannot describe how fantastic this album is. It's a bit less raw and upbeat than a few of the bands previous works, but that its not is another contributing factor to its greatness. It's a dark, but polished album with a chilling atmosphere for its entire duration.

Concept albums, admittedly, can be a bit hit-or-miss for some people, including me. This album, however, brings its concepts across perfectly. With a main lyrical theme centered around mysticism and visions of prophecy it is really quite interesting, and the lyrical themes support the trance-like experience of listening to this.

Every one of these songs are great, showcasing some of Dave Murray and Adrian Smith's best riffs written, Bruce Dickinson's soaring vocals and just the overall "complete" feel of all of them makes them amazing too.

Many of these songs are painfully underrated and should be mainstays in the band's set list, especially "Moonchild" and the epic title track, which, while not as long, reaches the greatness of Powerslave's thirteen-minute masterpiece "Rime Of the Ancient Mariner". These two songs are Maiden classics and should be more recognised in my opinion.

There are no faults in this album; it is flawless. Maiden were at their creative peak here, and no albums released after this have topped it. Any fans of heavy metal need this as it is amazing.