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Awesome DVD release - 95%

todesengel89, June 13th, 2009

Iron Maiden's Flight 666 is a documentary featuring Iron Maiden's first leg of the 2008 Somewhere Back in Time world tour.

The documentary album comes in a 2 DVD format, with the first DVD being the documentary itself and the second DVD being pro-shot footage of various performances at different venues around the world.

The documentary is basically about the band's life on the road, with this tour being exceptionally special as they were about to embark on an adventure that no heavy metal band has gone on before: 23 concerts on five continents in 45 days. This was made possible by the band having their own plane to travel on (which contained the crew, the band and the band's equipment), piloted by who else, but Iron Maiden's very own vocalist, Bruce Dickinson.

Perhaps the most interesting segments of the film are those of the backstage antics, both by the band members and the crew. It shows the life of Iron Maiden while on tour (which isn't all just about partying all night long, but rather indulging in various hobbies, such as golfing), and also gives insight to each individual member of the band.

Overall the production quality of the documentary is excellent (both sound-wise and visual-wise), with great footage done by Sam Dunn (producer of other metal-related films such as Metal: A Headbanger's Journey and Global Metal).